#5 Sunday

Saturday night – having been up since 4am, imagine my horror when loud music started up & got louder & louder from about 9pm. I was a bit desperate for sleep by then.     😱

I got “a bit annoyed” and I was imagining a nightclub next door or some boy racers coming every night! then it suddenly shut off at 11.  Turns out It was a festival in the park across the road. PHEW

Then in complete contrast I had a lovely quiet morning & read some Ruth & Psalm 16.

I know where my help comes from. I am constantly thanking God for this amazing experience!

helppToday we went to town & all had waffles with ice cream & sprinkles etc. Then split up into the usual teams (me and Fred – the Slow Walkers. ) I hate crowds & being in the big city of a weekend. Fred & I got the tram to Stadshart, the fancy big shopping centre in Amstelveen. It might as well be in Liverpool with every high St brand name you can think of, but more importantly – air conditioned & not so crowded. We got a few things.


I just love all the colourful shades & flowers in the flats here. It’s a very pretty area.


2 thoughts on “#5 Sunday

  1. Awesome Marian! I have a back pedal brake bike too, they take a little getting used to. Holland has fabulous Indonesian cuisine, I’m a teeny tiny bit envious of your super new life. 😜❤️ What an amazing adventure you have ahead of you. Love to you all 😘❤️

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