#4 The first trip to shops ‘n’ park



The local shops is a Jumbo supermarket and a lovely set of shops including bookshop, cheese shop, fish shop, some of them are swish small ones and some are bog standard. There is this massive flower shop though!


We got a basic shop in.


Later we borrowed 2 bikes from the apartment building. Fred & I cycled while the others walked to the Amsterdamse Bos – the Forest. The bikes had no suspension or brakes – you pedal backwards to stop. So that took some getting used to as well as the fact that we had right of way! It’s quite scary, obviously there are good reasons I can’t drive a car, but I think we did well for the first day. It was absolutely beautiful there.

The park /forest itself is quite large, but we two just cycled around this long rectangular pond, about 5 miles total. They have Olympic training & we saw a few kayaks. There were lots of yellow iris, and herons. It was very comfortable cycling that distance even with hard seats as the path was so smooth.

Later we got Indonesian take away, which we enjoyed. We really did quite a lot in one day, didn’t we!


Not even joking! Each kid has their own room with massive TVs in, yet in the evening BOTH sitting rooms were dominated by video games. I had to Bring the Hammer Down!




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