#6 like millionaires

Hi, we are living the high life at the moment, feel a bit like millionaires in this preposterously spacious flat in such a prosperous & leafy area, with people making things easy for us. We are here temporarily, for a few weeks, and then we will be renting a Normal People home. But we really are enjoying it! Some of the luxurious things are really helpful and some appear to be a big fat waste of $$.

Some eye-openers:

KitchenAid 2-slice toaster: I always wondered how a toaster could possibly be worth £99. Turns out they really are! and we’ve got 2.

toastAlso the Quooker tap that can give boiling water for a cup of tea. That’s ace, and makes cooking veg quicker too.

We have a fancy flat induction hob, that’s so easy to clean.

Laundry room. Everyone know they’re good, but I’ve never got to enjoy it for myself. It’s fab.

Multiple dining tables is a daft idea, but it means I can use this one as a folding table and not be in anyone’s way!


Also our dining table is about 250cm or 8 foot long, which is far too big, but it means you can always have the stuff out for the next meal at the end, without getting in the way.

basilAlso the boys are thrilled with all the big TVs of course, for their games.

The girls & we are very much enjoying the long, deep baths & powerful showers.

Most people reading this have probably never experienced our own kitchen & bathroom at Speke, well it is a very different experience!

Lee likes the simplicity – there are only a few things in each room & nothing personal on show.

The good quality floor is very comfortable on our feet.

All the space means a few people can leave their shoes around without causing an accident!

Not bothered by: Curtains that open & close by pressing a button. That got old on the 2nd use. Also: massive TV at the foot of our bed. moved that away immediately for fear of knocking it over; also who wants a 3-foot high face talking to them so close? Urgh!


Monday morning we went to the World Trade Centre, just 3 quick stops away on the tram. It was very glamorous & colourful here in the atrium/waiting room.


Each separate sitting area had an international theme, and the colourful carpets were aerial photos, and there’s a display cabinet with some national artifacts too. Dunno what these are below, but they had lots of ’em in the Japanese area.

brushesWe got our dutch national insurance numbers even tho’ I hadn’t found all our birth certificates. It was a very smooth and friendly procedure. I actually shed a tear of relief/happiness when the lady handed them over!

Then to a bank in another building of the WTC, next door. Again it was someone who specialises in ex-pats, so it was a very easy & friendly time, with lots of cultural tidbits thrown in.

So now we have Nat Ins numbers & bank a/c, we can get healthcare, the girls can get jobs & Lee can get paid!

How simple. I was very aware in that moment that millions of people in the world are risking their lives for an opportunity to get a national insurance number & so on. I have never understood why we are so fortunate to have been born in the UK, where these things were handed out to us on a plate, but I am very thankful.

Other things we’ve done – Lola & I walked through Buitenveldert Park (across the road here) to rather fancy Gelderlandplein shopping centre. Lee bought himself a PS4, so the boys enjoyed playing PS games together, but in 2 different rooms with big screens. Sounds silly if you’re not a gamer, but it’s something I’d always wanted to do!

I’ve made a rota and shown the kids some little cleaning routines cos I want them performing all the manual tasks ASAP so I can rest! Obvs I am having a nap every so often and the labour-saving devices are all good, but it needs to not be me operating them! Lola made spag bol last night which was lovely. 🍛 👌🏻


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