#7 cycle to work

First a dose of reality!

Value cereal and soaking wet by a motorway! You can’t see it here but we were thoroughly soaked.

This morning Lee and I though we’d go for a little cycle. a LITTLE cycle. I thought we’d nip to that Alert Heijn supermarket in Gelderlandplein or something. We headed East and then North a bit, and he suggested cycling to his new work. We’ve never been there, but I have looked at it on Google Maps & Streetview quite a few times. so, yeah. We went through some beautiful countryside and literally on the motorway – the bike lane is separated by a 10 foot concrete wall, it’s safe.

We found his new building easily as it’s very close to the Amsterdam Arena where Ajax play. On the way we went through some industrial bits and saw massive buildings for Tesla, Endemol, etc and loads of wildlife among them. There was wildflowers everywhere. Apparently Amsterdam got involved with the bee crisis immediately and improved their bee habitats. We took about 45 mins cycle. I must say that for people who haven’t cycled much in a few years, and not being used to the right-hand drive, or in fact anything, it was totally easy and safe at all times. Amazing!


The office is in a lovely environment with water, yellow irises, herons, a cormorant & some large brown ducks we don’t recognise.  We had an early lunch at Absolute Taste. Outside the office is a oversized outdoor chess set and borrowable bikes specific to each  building.

I am the one with a sense of direction, but I do always prepare by looking at Google maps first, getting  a vague Idea in my head, and bringing a map. OK? That hadn’t happened this morning! Lee began the return journey by cycling in exactly the opposite direction, and then we thought we could go back by Ouderkerk Aan De Amstel. We knew there was a way that way. But a bit vague.


We cycled solidly for 2 hours to get home LOL. I think we’ve covered most of Amstelveen! We saw some absolutely beautiful sights along the river Amstel, all in a light rain that we didn’t mind at all. And some of these villages of houses so European, looked like all the houses were lego cottages! We really had a lovely time, though I am not supposed to be working this hard! Then I had that fab deep bath to relax in didn’t I!





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