#8 Fietsen – cycling

It turns out our building only has 3 bikes, and you can borrow them for 3 hours for free each day. So I hope I can buy my own soon, I need it all day. Wednesday morning I got Lola on the bike. They are quite tall and different, she did well, we cycled around the outside of Gelderland shopping centre and then towards the Amsterdamse Bos.


The Boshalte is this lovely informal café/bike hire place. We sat on some much-welcomed cushions – the bikes have very hard seats! had a coconut cake & a ice lolly & went back.

After that it was Ruby’s turn, which was a bit traumatic. There were lots of tears and defiance but in the end I got her to take a few turns around inside our spacious car park & do some stopping and starting. That is enough for her first time.

Later Lee and Jojo went and did a shop at Albert Heijn. YAY! That is the first time anyone has done anything without me ! Finally! I am working very hard at the moment because I am the one who is confident about finding places , and speaking to strangers etc. Thankfully Lola takes after me and she is being helpful. The food shopping is a bit of a recurring job because we are back to no car, but still need 3 x 6 meals a day brought into the house.

In the evening I took the 4 kids to the Amsterdamse Bos again after tea. The 3 fitter ones walked round the Bosbaan, the big rectangular lake. Fred and I, with our feet problems, loitered around the East end of it, looked at a meadow and got an ice lolly.


It’s absolutely gorgeous, so tranquil & full of birdsong. even though there were a LOT of people kayaking or doing summery fitness activities. It is huge! There is plenty of space for everyone. It makes Sefton Park look like a square foot of astroturf!

Thurs- Lee has gone to his first day of work this morning, in Rotterdam. And though my sleep is far from unbroken, I managed to keep dozing til 8am, so that’s good. I am full of cold, I got some antihistamines yesterday.


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