#10 Amstelpark

In the morning I got Jojo on a bike. He “doesn’t want to cycle” – he didn’t want to move here, he isn’t very optimistic about it at the moment. Anyway he was just fine on the bike so we went around a couple of corners to check where Waterland church is, that we’ll be visiting on Sunday. It’s very close.

The weather is very hot and these massive windows in the flat only open a couple of inches. The ony cool places are the bathroom and the girls’ bedroom. So we’d rather be out, but mine & Fred’s foot pain means that’s difficult too. I prayed for some peace today.

I emailed 2 other schools and texted with K, the lady who goes to Waterland Church, that I have been in contact with.

Down the other end of the street that leads to the Amsterdamse Bos, is Amstelpark.

So first, the girls made us some sandwiches to take. Then Fred & I cycled, and the other 3 walked.

We had our picnic lying in the shade in this beautiful park and I was totally relaxed, the first time since we got here. There’s “Midgetgolf”, a mini train you can ride on, some pancake houses & a restaurant. Some Shetland ponies & goats, loads of wildlife. We had a wonder around for a few hours and then left just as people were flooding in for some kind of festival “let’s avoid it!”


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