#9 school

We went to our first school interview today. We were getting a tram to town & another to the school. The girls came with us to town, where we all had a McDonalds – it was handy to have something very familiar.


I gave the girls a vague instruction to take the 5 or 51 home, and left them to it. – we weren’t near a stop for the 5 or 51!

On the no. 9 tram coming through town to our destination it was extremely crowded, hot and uncomfortable with people having a bit of a go at each other.

The school was very close to the tram stop and we met our man inside. He gave us a little tour of the school. Surprise, it looks just like every other school! It’s quite large, with 1000 students. There wasn’t much talking, I couldn’t think of any questions, so it was a bit of a non-event. He suggested a 3rd school I should also visit.

Popped into a Hema there and got some ready made lasagnas for tea. Then my room was like an oven so had my nap on the sofa. The girls came in an hour or so later, having walked. It’s about 5km, so I feel right about shoving them out the nest a bit!

So that is one more job done.

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