#11 My Bike

This morning Lee & I took the tram to Stadshart shopping centre and got a smart leather laptop bag for him for work, and a bike for me in Halfords. We didn’t have our Saturday breakfast this week but we had a coffee at Douwe Egberts and a bit of a chat so that sort of counts.


The bike is dark brown to blend in, the plastic crate and shopping bags are for not blending in! There is a small strange lock on the rear wheel as well as a heavy duty padlock ‘n’ chain. It has 3 gears. It is a very typical bike that you see thousands of on the streets called a transportfiets, they are mostly black. There is a rack on the front built like a chunky primary school chair, to hold the plastic box. I got the smaller box size as I was thinking of the small space we have to squeeze the bike in to lock it up. I have seen a lot of adults getting a ride sat on this front rack & a lot sitting sideways on the rear rack too.

mybike (2)

See here my “M” shaped keyring. This key stays in the lock while you cycle. Once it’s taken out, the back wheel is locked.


Lee bought me these lovely flowers.

The cleaner came so all the beds & towel piles are as good as new. I am feeling a bit healthier tonight, I’ve had a bad cold/fever & bad tum all week, I think just tension & exhaustion. I was trying to eat healthily,  too much too soon. So I’ve had a cake & some chocs and 3 little rides on my bike! And I’ve decided to go back to swallowing a (chopped into pill-sized bits) garlic clove each day. It doesn’t make you popular but it’s really good for you. ! It’s been a tough first week – why wouldn’t it?! Learning stuff about the culture & experiencing it for yourself are two different things!

Lots of love!






2 thoughts on “#11 My Bike

  1. I can’t believe it’s only been a week! You guys have done so much. I recall Lee said it was a national Holiday on Monday so hopefully you can all have another great day together and then he can crack on with getting used to work.
    The tension will die down as you slowly get into rhythms over the coming days and weeks xxx

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