#12 not in Kansas anymore!

The 4 kids came with me just 2 streets away to Waterland church, (an NCMI-relating church, fact fans) . The church is held in a hotel. We had a hot drink first from a machine in the lobby, and we got introduced to a few people. Then went thru to the room church is in. It was quite small, I think about 40 adults and about 20 odd children but no teenagers. I felt very at home there. They did the whole thing in English with a Dutch interpreter. or vice versa.  Things were quite similar to Gateway, but quieter. Also the sermon was longer and I wondered how Fred would manage, but he did. I would be happy to go there again, I felt energised by worshipping God and just being with His people. I have prayed this week but in a very weak way. It reminded me to stand on His promises and to follow Jesus to a quiet place to spend time with the Father.


In the  afternoon Lola and I took the 5 and 3 trams to Westerpark, an artsy fartsy area. The park is nice, with statues & art around. It’s what Norton Priory would be, if people were allowed to enjoy BBQs in the grounds!


Oh yeah, I stepped backwards to avoid a thick crowd of cyclists and an old man on a disability scooter shouted, YOU’RE NOT IN AMERICA ANY MORE! so that’s me told!

I had forgotten it’s a national holiday, so the buildingy area was full of stalls. Crafts antiques, quite a lot of small fashion designers etc. I hate crowds, so I wanted out of there fast!


We got back to the city across a bridge and ate some Turkish(*or something) food. It was nice and we took this pic – it’s the guy who served us!


Then came home. The streets are really lovely, full of balconies & plants and always something to look at.

In the evening I tried to have a phone call with my super friend back home, but due to rubbish lines and we have never been big phone callers of each other, it was a bit rubbish LOL! I will get a different simcard this week & see what happens.


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