#13 Arena

I’m physically in much better condition today. It’s bank holiday, so Lee was off work. After a lazy morning we got the tram to Zuid station and then the train to Bilmer/Arena . This will be his commute to work tomorrow morning. I forgot my phone so here’s a pic off the innernet.


The train was a basic empty tube shape for hundreds of people to stand in. More like the London Tube. Basic plastic seating up the sides for a small number. It had good lighting, lit maps & electric info for travellers. It was very clean.

Pretty sure it will be a bit more crowded in the morning! His work is a very short stone’s throw from the station. We went below the station away from the Arena to the Bijlmer shopping centre. It is massive and serves a huge ethnically diverse housing area in the East of Amsterdam. Most of the shops were shut as it’s  bank holiday and  shops are generally shut here on Mondays. I learnt that fact at church yesterday. TK Maxx was open though, and Lee got these rather European shoes for work.


Nip into Lidl and away home. It is a simple journey. Our furniture back in Speke got packed up & taken today for transport to the Netherlands.

In the evening I took a walk around our park that’s across the road, with Lola & Fred (he was on the bike). It turns out this park is called Gisbrecht Van Aemstelpark!


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