#14 rest day!

Having a much-needed rest day today. I cooked enchiladas last night and had a phone chat with my mum and dad. I had a lie-in for as long as I could bear it this morning – I am not a lie-in person, I managed up til 11am which is pretty impressive. Fred made me some beans on toast and I have just chatted to my friend W over facebook videophone, which was a first for me! The weather is very grey, rainy and very strong winds rattling all the big trees outside our windows. So another day we’ll get the train to IKEA – surely the perfect rainy day activity!

the results of the windy weather!

Happy to just watch some  american TV like “How it’s made” with Dutch subtitles over it today.

bizarre moped reindeer snuggles in our posh local shopping centre. There is actually a Pingouin knitting shop there, I haven’t even had a look inside yet.

I have email-requested viewings at 13 houses/flats today. Each is 4-bedroom, within a certain budget,  and within one hour commute of Lee’s office. That’s our very minimum needs! They are over quite a large area.

this guy shows up at this flat every time we are passing! They’re out!

wind4_LI (2).jpg

highlighted, our sitting room & my bedroom window. we really are taking up half a floor of this building!


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