#15 Ikea, pinnen

Me & the girls went to Ikea on Thursday, it’s very close to Lee’s work. We walked past his office. We had lunch & bought a wooden spoon & some meatballs etc for tea.


I sent lots of email-requests to view properties to rent. some are already rented and I have had 3 calls from agents to agree to a viewing. the others all sent requests for a wide variety of info about our income & lifestyle! I was talking to this estate agent called Pieter this morning, and asked him what the general rule is i.e. a certain ratio of wages/rent , and he said each landlord gets to choose what ratio he will accept. Oh-kay.

I had a nice chat with My Wonderful Ex-next door neighbour this morning too.


Last night I put some cash into our Dutch bank account, it’s with ABN/Amro, and now I can pay how the Dutch pay, it’s called pinnen and is very similar to how we paid by card in UK, except of course something is a little bit different, so our UK cards didn’t cut the mustard here in all the shops. And this has allowed me to order a grocery delivery to the flat from Albert Heijn. I’m inordinately excited about this cos it means much less carrying. I have to pay by pinnen on arrival. it’s coming Tuesday 8-10am.

I got some thyme essential oil and used it last night before bed to reduce the snoring. I think it made a difference,

We are hoping to look at some houses a bit further afield as shown in the following map.


Key: Yellow= we are here. red=lee’s work. purple dots underline various villages that are accessible to his work within about an hour.

Naarden looks nice:

i think I’ll plan a day out there.

So the girls and I went an looked at our first house to rent this afternoon, it’s at


It was quite nice, but I think we are going for something a bit more interesting.

The weather has been very british, it was so grey, rainy and windy this morning, and then after lunch,


Gorgeous weather!


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