#17 Weekend

HI! Saturday Lee & I nipped across town by 3 trams to Osdorp/Sloterplas to try out this Turkish breakfast, it was closed! So we had a McD instead & looked at this nice water.

pics nicked from de web as my phone’s gone wrong. Arrgh!

We had a little look at the more affordable shopping centre there too.

Then I napped from noon til 7pm which is a world record! ended up cooking some spag bol, which got very good reviews, and we ate at 10pm which is so strange!

Sunday, 3 of the kids came to church with me. It was on Galatians 2 v 1-6 and was very good, about God’s acceptance of us through Jesus PLUS NOTHING! R said she enjoyed the songs. I did too, each one is sung like 1 verse in English & 1 verse in Dutch. So that’s a fun way of learning. Noticeably a whole different set of people there this week. With just a few same people as last week.

They were saying a tearful goodbye to an African family that’s been there 8 years and is now moving to America, it made me shed a tear as it’s only 3 weeks since we had a sweet goodbye from our beloved Gateway church family, yet in a way it seems like the distant past! LOVE YOU GATEWAY!

Suffice it to say there was some fabulous cakes there for the goodbye. I chatted to a few ladies. F got a bit angry as he was eavesdropping when I spoke to a mum who clearly had a similar boy. !! we will get together soon.


In the afternoon Lee , Lola & I went to Vondelpark, walked around, it was very full of people, in the blazing sun, and lay down for a bit in the shade of a tree. We saw so many different ways of transporting a dog on a bike! then walked to some dark cellar-like bar which was cooler, and they had burgers & I had a pumpkin soup. We all really enjoyed it.




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