#19 viewed 6 houses

Such an auspicious morning! I mean my grocery delivery from Albert Heijn of course! In it was mostly boring basics but also this Allerhande Box containing recipes & all ingredients for 3 meals x 2 people.


As I am in need of a bit of inspiration for cooking. It’s not cheap but it made the delivery free.  Also the delivery bloke brought it right in, on to the kitchen table, which is nice.  I made some sweet potato soup. I haven’t got a potato masher or blender thingy here, so I mashed it with a fork= a bit odd texture.

So we viewed 6 houses! It was actually a lovely afternoon out, Me & Lola.


The above 5 were organised by the relocation ppl. They were all nice, 4 bedroom, in nice, quiet,  safe areas. Some were quite swish, some were huge downstairs. And none were particularly spacious upstairs. At first I thought, Surely any of these would be OK? but then we started weighing stuff up. We quite liked the one shown hiding between a lot of trees in the pic. It felt very homey. But I still felt Buitenhof/Uithoorn  should be the One even though we hadn’t been inside yet! Of course I have been praying for the Lord to show me which one it is, after all, He can see inside every single house in the world & can easily pick the perfect one for us. So I hoped my unreasonable excitement was His prompting.

We got to see the various different areas that make up Amstelveen. Especially Bovenkerk is very characterful and pretty villagey. But I really don’t think Amstelveen is worth the $$premium$$ to live in. It’s not that good.

We saw a stork walking alongside an office building, and lots of red admiral butterflies & the inevitable herons & cormorant.

We met Lee at Poortwachter on the bus coming from his work, and finally got inside the house at Buitenhof I posted the link to yesterday. We all loved it.



front door faces a bit of grass. back garden & parking space are inside a building in some way,  so oddly secure. You see those glass doors at the end of the carpark photo. you need the key to get in there.

roof terrace. swish kitchen. It answers a huge proportion of our prayers & wishes. It’s more affordable as it’s not in Amsterdam.


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