#20 College

Jojo starts school on Wednesday!


It’s a quick journey of 2 trams, he will be in “Groep 0″/niewkomers, the class for learners age 12-18 who have no Dutch whatsoever. They teach you some Dutch and a bit about Amsterdam, while observing what kind of learner/student you are. This can take between 2-6 weeks. Then hopefully Jojo will quickly be whisked away to the related school, comically named Denise, and continue in a Specifically-learning-Dutch class, but in a more studious environment.

Mundus College is nestled between lots of high rise flats, at the other end of the Sloterplas, the big lake we were at on Saturday.

Inevitably Fred’s case is a bit more complicated and the helpful liason/support people we met today, are going to consult with someone to decide whether to take him in. I will take whatever the Lord sends!

the boys, possibly camouflaged, against a beautiful lake.

What a beautiful view for hi-rise dwellers, huh?

In other news, I miss proper cheddar cheese! – there are shelves upon shelves of cheese in every supermarket and they kinda all seem the same to us! slices of mild milky nothingness. And the “english Cheddar” they have here is what we would call american plastic squares for putting in burgers! How strange. I’ve bought this. It seems to be hard and it’s made in UK, so here’s hoping!



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