#23 Title

Things are so reasonable here! Job sharing is standard, and at the bottom of people’s email it will have a note like, “I work Mon-Fri (except Mondays in even calendar weeks)” or “I work: Mon Tue Thu Fri”. It’s as simple as that. Now spread that reasonableness around. That’s the Netherlands. They are upfront if you step over the line, but that’s actually helpful.

We received our title deeds by email, printed and signed, with the Concierge as witness, and will post tomorrow. So our house is Nearly Sold!

Today Fred has been accepted into Mundus College too, he begins next Wednesday just like Jojo. I pray they will be able to go into seperate classes ASAP.

Our bid for the house in Uithoorn was not accepted, but neither were the other two bidders, which is strange. So I’m hanging in there, hoping the owner changes his mind about us!

Fred actually set the fire alarm off today, just cooking some bacon. It was rather embarrassing and very loud. So I took him to Le Pain Quotidien in Gelderlandplein for a Croque Monsieur to make up for it. It’s pretty nice in there,  & fab food.





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