#24 Westeinderplassen

On Saturday we didn’t have anything specific planned for breakfast, so Lee & I just went to Westwijk shopping centre and had some fresh baked savouries from Hulleman bakery. I posted the house sale deed thingy.

When we got in, Housekeeping was there. I forgot, Saturday he comes. It’s nice obviously, everything’s hoovered, fresh sheets & towels, everything’s clean & tidy but it’s a bit awkward as the flats are quite big, it takes ages, so we moved into the “other” flat, that’s the girls & Jojo’s side, for an hour or so til he was finished in our side.

Since the ladies at Mundus College tested my Dutch, I’ve been speaking it in all the shops for a few days, so I need to get back on the duolingo & refresh my memory – I haven’t been on there in a month or so!

Thanks Mum for my letter & book x x x

Sunday – after church K’s husband F invited us to the beach. The girls and I went along with F and 2 of his kids approx age 12 and 22.



We might have been at Cyprus or somewhere but it was Westeinderplassen, Aalsmeer. It was lovely. Being from South Africa, our hosts were in the water with a little inflatable boat in seconds! We had a paddle & enjoyed sitting on the sand. We had a super afternoon, it was boiling hot. (Lola has dyed my hair red)


It’s fathers day and we let Lee have his joint fathersday/birthday present today, he Loved it. (because he’ll be in Belgrade on his actual birthday, Tuesday) It was a big fancy bag of Nespresso coffees, 12 different flavours, from the “Nespresso Boutique” yes, Boutique! in Gelderlandplein shopping centre. We are certainly thankful for his faithfulness & his more recent daring in getting us here!


not flattering but hilarious!


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