#25 Boys to school

After 3 weeks our boxes arrived. They were supposed to be here in 4 days or something, but it doesn’t matter and we have lived successfully for  3 weeks out of our 1 suitcase each. As you can imagine the girls are thrilled to have a bit of variety in clothes now, and we’ve got lots of board games.

This morning the boys & I did a trial run of their school journey, It’s quite simple. And Tanja has agreed to put them in two separate groups at school.

Went to “Br!stol” for some affordable jeans/chinos for Jojo. Then we got a lovely fancy ice cream cone each as it’s 30 degrees here today.

Wednesday – 1st day of school. I read psalm 16 to them , the one Russ read to us at our goodbye. It was full of helpful truths for them to carry to school.

I travelled with the boys & left them there for an induction & then a 2-hour maths test! Obviously Fred came out quite upset as he had to leave a lot of spaces. He loves to be the best at things, and couldn’t see that it’s a test of gaps in your education, not an intelligence test! But I took them to KFC in nearby Bos En Lommer and he soon chilled out. They had in fact had a fine time, there were a few other newcomers that day, none of whom spoke english or dutch. Clearly the staff treated them very gently as the pupils in “groep 0” are in a very strange life situation.

Then we played Monopoly, the Blackpool edition which reminds me of my hilarious weekend in Blackpool with Samantha & my girls!


Above, some snazzy yarns from the Pingouin shop nearby. It’s actually mostly Lana Grossa Yarns in there and is absolutely beautifully set out in a muted graded rainbow throughout the shop.

I got a cheap phone in Vodafone & also went to the Drs, not to register, but to get my repeat prescription. They made it very easy for me. Thanks Dutch Reasonableness once again!

Thursday,  we got up at 6.30am to get the boys showered & fed and into school for 8.30am. It was already very hot & sunny around 7.30! We looked at psalm 27 v1-6,

We were thinking of our enemies as: negative thoughts about ourself and about others, And doubts about God’s goodness or his care for our individual situations.


This guy turned 45 on Tuesday, he was working in the sweltering heat of Belgrade, interviewing people and picking some for his team there. He had carp for his birthday dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Danube. His work colleagues had got him this weighty paperback entitled, “A guide to the serbian mentality” Which is apparently humorous and illustrated.


May I just mention appel citroenvlaai, this fab cake/trifle thingy of custard flan, a layer of apple sauce and then cream, lemon with chips of meringue. It’s quite fabulous.

We’ve got sofas & armchairs to seat at least 10 in this sitting room alone. Unsurprisingly it has become some kind of cinema/multiplayer gaming area. We have had a lot of fun playing Terraria together in 3s and 4s.  Also having lots of tables means a jigsaw or boardgame can be left mid-play, which is nice.

I have asked N the estate agent to put our case to the Buitenhof guy again as I had such a strong feeling about the place. I have put in requests for a few other viewings too.


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