#26 a Normal afternoon.

The girls and I were just leaving to visit K, the lovely south african friend from Waterland church, when the boys waltzed in! They were sent home as it was soooo hot. This morning they had been making 2d pictures of modes of transport using coloured paper. You can imagine, Fred loved it! Also he has homework, which is to watch something on youtube. OK.    so we shouted bye and got on the tram.  We had an ice lolly in K’s and then chatted a little, I asked where to buy affordable adult’s clothes and she suggested we visit the “Boemerang” Kringloop, 2nd hand shop. It had started to rain & cool down just a little. she drove us there with her oldest girl, and we loved it! I got some dutch kids books for us all to read, Lola got 2 skirts, Ruby some sandals and sunglasses. I got Fred a t-shirt, I  bought a small knife suitable for cutting tomatoes, 30 cents! We have plenty of fancy huge knives here but not a small one. Then we went a few streets to the related furniture one. we will definitely be back. Once we have a home to put the things in. We saw some hilarious knick knacks!

a home from home

It was a lovely relaxed time, we were thankful for K’s friendship and we felt… normal. Yes it was a normal afternoon, our first one I think!

She drove us back and a big thunder and lightning storm erupted.

blessed relief!



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