#27 school

I helped F with his homework for what seemed like hours last night! He watched a kids vid & then had to write the story out in dutch . he had not taken down the whole word list, only nouns! And you know him, he wanted to write a beautifully-crafted epic tale…. the battle was getting him to use simple words and as few verbs as possible. considering we didn’t know which ones they were learning in the class!


He got 8 out of 10, he was happy with that!

I’m very proud of these guys! They are in separate groups, but doing the same thing. They had some sort of simple PE today, which F was utterly dreading, but he came back positive. Going to school after 5 years without, is a massive step! Quite shocking really .

Jojo, typical teen, just says school was ok, or he “forgot what did”. He has Brazilian, Portuguese, Syrian, north african, and bulgarian folks in his class.


Living this close to town means we are within delivery distance of Wagamama. You only live once, so that was last nights dinner!

Also i achieved getting my inhalers prescription! Hoorah.  and i have bought a phone but I am struggling with the pay as you go package! I took it back in to see what i’m doing wrong, but of course it worked. Got it home, couldn’t use it again. This is what makes things so slow-moving and tiring.

I keep requesting viewings but most of the houses really do get let as soon as they become available. 🏡




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