#28 Wilnis / a wild goose chase

First, look! We are in the home straight of leaving Speke behind!


Friday 4-5pm there was an open house of a new estate being built in Wilnis.


Unfortunately google maps offered me this information: It’s in one of these 3 fields.


So after a tram, then a lovely long bus ride, (I really do enjoy these lovely green country trips), we traipsed around in various wrong locations for 45 mins, in the heat, getting all bothered, we finally found the showhome. It was decent size, 3 beds & a big attic, brand new, nice. but the actual rentables are just a shell i.e. no floorcoverings even. It had a kitchen but no appliances. It had a v small bathroom with only a shower. But you see at £ (please read euro for £ as i can’t understand how to get the euro sign up) £900 a month it was quite attractive, though a full hours journey from Lee’s work.

So rather ratty, my girls & I slogged to Mijdrecht, which may I add is a lovely village, and then with the aid of some pink wine & a good meal in the Rechterhuis, we cheered up & even found a direct bus home. Hoorah!

R had Catch of the day, which on the menu was called “Wat de zee brengt ons” = What the sea brings us”!

  • also we have been mistaken for spanish again
  • also J the estate agent has tried for the Buitenhof house again, she is hopeful & will have a final answer on Monday.

Saturday Morning Lee & I had a nice brekkers at Le Pain Quotidien near our house. Then met the girls in town for a lovely day out….

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