#29 Volendam, Edam, Wow!

Cuteness overload! Lee & I and the girls have had an amazing day out today.



We went to Volendam, it was utterly cute, gorgeous little houses everywhere, all original, yet kept in really nice condition. It is a little bit “Blackpool” in that all along the seafront the shops are mostly selling touristy tat. But lovely nonetheless.  We had an AMAZING time.

I took 55 photos but I can’t get them on here! So these are some of Lee’s. He takes pictures of different things than I do, so here you are. Top, bizarre huge mosaics of cigar labels in the museum. Unfortunately it was full of mannequins, so one of us couldn’t enter, and two didn’t last long. ! leaving Lee to discover Volendam’s history alone while we repaired to a pub.


Soo cute! this is not a model village, they are people’s real houses!


Lovely traditional harbour, there was herring, lace net curtains, foto-in-trad-costume opportunities. It’s not shown here, but really a jumble of beautifully preserved buildings, each cuter than the other.

my ulterior motive – these 2 houses knocked together are avail for rent!



The Markermeer. So lovely to just sit at the water. We enjoyed the welcome breeze.

We had such a laugh imagining living in that house right in the heart of the town, 5 mins from the sea. It is affordable as half of it is completely fitted out as a physiotherapist’s practice! We thought we’d keep the physiotherapy beds in place and keep the waiting room open to the public!

Then a few mins on the bus to Edam. Utterly charming! a much smaller place, even cuter if possible, and there were various churches chiming & such. one in a really melodic tinkly-xylophone-way. If it’s possible to be too charming, Edam does it. We loved it all.



We couldn’t quite credit it, we haven’t gone away on holiday, it’s just a bus ride away from town. In fact we got £10 all day tickets that also cover 7 other wonderful such places in the area. Well worth it. And need i mention they were extremely comfortable & frequent buses.


the first lock we’ve seen – no need when everything’s so flat.


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