#30 trusting God is very hard work!

Hello, I want a home.

We have been here just over 4 weeks now. Before we came, I trusted God that we were coming and He would look after us, find us a home in this difficult/impossible housing market, find us schools & jobs etc. I prayed, I believed. But living it in real time is something different.


I knew He went before us and would provide a home perfect for our needs, and also, because He loves us so much, He delights to provide a lovely treat for us too. And I was asking Him to show me it so I would recognise it & get it!


It was only the second house we saw. I got up so excited that morning. Unnaturally excited about this house in Uithoorn. And I wondered if this was His sign to me through Holy Spirit, pointing it out as the one He has prepared for us.  Went along to the appointment with Lola. But due to a communication mix-up we did not get to view it that day. We really liked the outside though!

So the next evening we got our viewing at 6pm so Lee could come. The 6th house Lola & I had viewed that afternoon. We Loved it. we wanted to move in there and then! We both thought it ideal – and we do have quite different criteria!  We got the relocation service involved and bid the asking rental price.

It turns out 3 families all bid & all got refused.

What! I was sure this was the one – or was I ? Maybe I just woke up a bit excitable that morning? I’m a bit like that.

Doubts. Was He pointing it out ? Maybe He was just pointing out that area, or that style of house?

It has been a very difficult 2 weeks of praying, Is that the One? If so what do I do? Or do I do nothing, and leave it to You? I tried to leave it up to Him & just trust, but it has been hard. I constantly try to fix things, drum up new solutions. But it’s not my job. my job is to Trust. john6v2829

And I have trusted, I have listened to other christians telling me a dreadful story of their own house-finding crisis, and wondered why I think He will supernaturally intervene for me and not for them? I have obsessed. I wanted to do absolutely nothing and insist that the Lord was getting us That House, but I also didn’t want to look a complete idiot if it didn’t happen…

so I viewed some other houses, to keep the relocation people off my back really. None of them were a patch on This One in Uithoorn.

I asked the estate agent to try again. I really think the Lord is going to interfere with this. the estate agent said she’d have a final answer on Monday.

Monday Ruby & I happened to be in Uithoorn looking at this other house, and we popped up to Buitenhof so she could see the house there. as we walked past it’s front door I dared to say out loud,” Lord I believe you are giving us this house” even though I felt like a nutter.

3 hours later we got our Yes!

We have a home. So now my face is radiant! We don’t have a date yet but certainly August 1st at the latest.




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