#31 across the Ij

I’ve done a bit of crochet:


So, the boys are at school. It’s very quiet and I have not been actually on my own for a very long time! I’ve done an hour’s cleaning & tidying. Got things back to How They Were in the kitchen!

I bought this rabbit in Edam in a flower shop.

It’s a busy week for my 2 girls as Lola met a junior school classmate on Monday, then 2 of Lola’s friends arrived at Schiphol last night & so she’ll be out with them for a couple of days, and once they’ve left, her boyfriend arrives Saturday.

Ruby met a friend last night in town & has just gone to meet them for breakfast.

They haven’t had a chance to make a friend here yet, but I have got 2 couples from church, one SA couple and one brit/dutch. so a nice mix of people to ask,

  • what is the cheapest way to pay for buses,
  • which bottles can be recycled in the machines in the supermarket
  • how do we get a bed upstairs in the house with a mini spirally staircase
  • etc

I’ve got details of a 2-month dutch course, thinking of the girls, but it’s 4 mornings a week in Amselveen staring 1st August. So I’ve emailed an educational website in Uithoorn, to see if there’s something closer to the new home. Travel ain’t cheap here. It’s certainly worth the price as it’s efficient, friendly, clean & comfortable. And you can choose between trains, trams & buses – each a little different in price. But with Lee & the boys currently each taking 4 trams/trains a day, it certainly adds up.

Lee got paid on Monday afternoon after a slight drama – was told it would be Friday… and he has put a big portion of it into his ABN account’s Virtual Savings pot for 1st month’s rent & deposit. It feels very nice to have that ready & not be scrabbling around for it! Also surely we must be completing on our UK house imminently? I was hoping it’d be done by today so we wouldn’t have to pay the mortgage! However it’s of no real consequence.

I had a quiet day in today, as some maintenance blokes are fixing a leak in the fire hose at the entrance to our flat, and then my groceries delivery comes between 4 and 9 tonight.

Eye Film museum


Ruby & I got the ferry across the Ij to Amsterdam-noord today. It’s free, it takes about 3 minutes, and leaves every 10 mins or so. Just walk on!

We went to the Eye Film museum/cinema & just looked at the permanent exhibition, pictured above, and the current Martin Scorsese exhibition. R hadn’t heard of him, and I appear to only have seen about 2 of his films. So possibly the wrong audience. It was actually a very good & comprehensive exhibtion, but it was very dark in there & some of the stuff was a bit bloody so we stayed about 3 minutes.

Had lunch in Cafe De Pont and then went for a walk down this cute road. Then we looked around a small shopping centre at Mosveld , and walked along looking for a bus stop back to Amsterdam.

nice little trip out.

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