#32 Two sides of Amsterdam

Oh yeah, we are moving 1st August, and our old house in Liverpool should be paid for by tuesday. Yeah!

Lee & I just got on the 51 to town & started looking for breakfast places. Amsterdam is really alive on Friday night, so early Saturday morning, it wasn’t looking its best. We had  slightly rubbish food & moved on!


To the Grand Cafe in the Beurs Van Berlage building, which you may have seen on an art program on TV recently. It is absolutely gorgeous in there!


Another day we’ll tour the hall etc. The King (Then Crown Prince Willem-Alexander) & Maxima got married in there.

We went in the Nieuwe Kerk to the World Press Photo 2017 exhibition. It was full of very good press photos, in lots of different categories,  and a wall of the winner from each year since the 60’s. You would recognise many of them. It was quite harrowing as lots are of horrible human situations.

Then Lee had some raw herring, a dutch seasonal delight, currently there are stalls everywhere selling them. he had it with onions & pickles. he said it was delicious. also note the manbag.


Then a further cuppa in Vinnie’s and home. Lee has a lot more cuppas than in our previous life. The Netherlands is definitely changing us in a million little ways. for the better! We are both so glad we moved here.

Lola had collected Nathan from the airport and they came with Jojo, Ruby & I to a very different part of Amsterdam – Bijlmer shopping centre. It’s got a large amount of cheap shops, more like what we’re used to shopping in in Widnes or Belle Vale.  It was absolutely bustling with cheapo market stalls, 2nd hand stuff, very loud & busy. Fab cooking smells were everywhere. N wanted a Mcdonalds, so we headed there. There was  incredibly loud rap music,  coming from 2 DJs with decks right outside & the McD was heaving. So we ate at Febo, the one with fast food dispensers.


We got what we needed. There are probably 40% shops you’d recognise from UK. N said Bijlmer was like stepping into Birkenhead! it’s funny cos we haven’t had a single day like that since we got here – it’s been all posh leafy areas, countryside, posh shopping centres.

I’ll be back!



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