#33 Jan Coevert Ferry

Sunday no-one wanted to get up for church so I was able to go early for the pre-service prayers, which was good. K’s husband F was preaching and he gave us an evangelisation rather than a sermon. It was very good and many were touched.  I had a lovely chat with Ron again and he had some info for us about helping people with aspergers get into employment, so that’s another answer to prayer!

Ruby & I got a quick tram & bus to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. It’s so lovely! I can’t believe somewhere so gorgeous is on our doorstep!


There is this fab old man-powered ferry! It only runs on Sunday afternoons – perfect timing!


50 cents each!


totally run by volunteers of course. 2 men attach these wooden bat-like items to the side and work them. they aren’t oars, it works the ferry along the rope somehow.


tariff: 2.5 cents for a cow! not sure how old these are!

Then we had a lovely sandwich at the Paardenburg.

We had a little walk around Ouderkerk and then walked a way down that side of the Amstel, on the famous cycling route, the Ronde Hoep – the round hoop.


It is absolutely beautiful. we were walking southwards down the “other” side of the Amstel, across from Amstelveen.


It was warm & beautiful weather, perfect. This side of the river is just farmhouses. Very quiet, nothing like Amsterdam. We saw quite a few cyclists but no walkers .No shops, no public transport down ‘ere! after about 6km we started asking around, and found that the only way was back! There are no bridges. A man with a large colourful parrot on his shoulder encouraged us & we plodded back to Ouderkerk, quite tired. Because Ouderkerk is between Bijlmer & the airport, even at 9pm on a Sunday night there were about 10 buses An Hour back to Amstelveen! This is such a parallel universe!


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