#34 a full day!

Ruby & I had a sandwich in nearby Rimon deli, which had a young father & his 5 little kids all speaking hebrew in it. Then we got on the 62 bus to President Kennedylaan to get a certificate needed for Fred for school. mixed with a little trip to a nearby kringloop, 2nd hand shop. R got some items of clothing, I got a kids board game about saving your Euros for a bike, and an as-new dutch good news bible and some other books. We took our time as we had very tired feet from Sunday’s walk!


Then at 4pm P came round, we have not met before but have messaged on facebook. She is the wife of Ron at church, we had a good chat til 7pm and I was thrilled to encourage her with some bible verses. She’s from the Philippines so I found them in tagalog so we could look at the meaning of the words together. It was fun.

Lee has been kept very busy by the recent cyber attack on Maersk. His job is about directly helping his company deal with their side of the disruptions on a global level! So it’s a steep learning curve. But on the plus side, he’s enjoying wearing (smart) jeans to work every day & “Fat Fridays” when they order takeaway lunches together.  He says his office environment is very pleasant & ‘space age’ modern in comparison.  He has his back to a room-divider made of plants. He often goes for a walk or cycle late in the evenings, as the weather is so pleasant.

We had takeaway dinner from Taco Mundo, lovely mexican food!


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