#35 Kostverlorenhof

Hi. Just woke up from a nap & it’s gone 7pm. Why am I so tired? Oh yes, it’s because I get up at 6.30 each morning to ensure the boys go to school. You see, when it was just Jojo, he sorted himself & I didn’t need to get involved! Oh well, those days are gone and I’m very thankful for the school they’re attending & the fact they are learning dutch all for free!

So. today I posted our birth certificates & marriage cert to Milton Keynes so they can be certified & stamped, something called “Apostille”, £30 a pop, which is something required by the Dutch govt. Though you notice they did let us in without it!

Ruby & I then went down 2 stops to Zonnestein, as there are signs for “Dirk” there which is a supermarket we see ads for on TV, we thought we’d check it out. There it was in a small shopping centre (They are everywhere here). R had a broodje makreel, a mackerel roll (Urgh!) and I had persian Kuku, which is a spinach omelette with hardly any egg – it was really nice. Then we saw the magic word, Kringloopwinkel! 2nd hand shop! When i search for them on google-maps,  hardly anything comes up. I keep hoping to find some cheapo bikes in one. But there it was. It was more like a garage where a hoarder has put a till amongst his ‘collection’ ! I got some cool stuff for almost nothing:


And Ruby got 2 tops & a pair of shoes. Then next door turned out to be a Japanese food, antiques/vintage, and Polish Boleslawiec ceramics shop! what a combo. Ruby got a lovely soft vintage leather jacket there, in a dark teal/navy shade. lovely shape, it looks fab and was a bit more than I’d like to pay in a 2nd hand shop so we shared the cost! I hope i’ll get a pic of her soon.

We are having takeaway food yet again & I’m aware of the cost. so I will have to buy a casserole dish after surviving 5 and a half weeks without – I really did use mine every day back home, I had at least 5 and they were always in use! I think it will help me get back into the good habit of cooking from scratch each day. Another thing that’s going to help with this, after we’ve moved, is that Uithoorn isn’t full of fascinating little shopping malls and takeaway joints. It’s quite a dull small town in comparison to Buitenveldert. I look forward to it!


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