#36 delightful discoveries

This is quite embarrassing really! Well, we are moving to Uithoorn on 1st August. We are absolutely thrilled about the house, it’s big, and has lots of bedrooms & mod cons, it’s secure, in very good condition, it’s affordable, and in 30 mins bus ride of Lee’s work.

Uithoorn itself, the bits I’ve seen on my 5 or 6 trips there: a nice, safe, slightly dull dormitory type town. We thought it better to err on the quiet side rather than err towards something too busy & loud. I was very happy to live near enough to some beautiful countryside and in easy cycling distance to Ouderkerk etc.

Well to my embarrassment I had missed the best bit of Uithoorn! In fact, when I told K we were hoping to move there, she said “Oh, Uithoorn’s beautiful” And I thought of that little shopping centre with a bit of water & trees and thought she was over-egging it a bit. !! Because I hadn’t been here!


At the far other end of the town, about  one and a half miles from the house at Buitenhof.


Along the river Amstel, is a nice shopping street with cafes & restaurants overlooking the river,


A big shop called Your Marketplace with individual arts & crafts stalls & 2nd hand clothes, mixed between small shop stalls.


A knitting & sewing shop


And importantly! A bike shop with a range of 2nd hand bikes! We put down a deposit on a slightly smaller ladies one for Ruby. I can kit the kids out in there. There are bike shops everywhere in Amsterdam but no 2nd hand ones, that’s more of an ebay or marktplaats thing. But I hate using sites like that.




What a treat!

😁 😂 😍 🙌 I’m very thankful to God for guiding us here! 🌈 👉🏽 🏡  👌🏽


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