#38 our 1st dinner at a friend’s in the Netherlands

In the morning Lola & I went to De Pijp area of Amsterdam to visit Maateloos (“Without Measure”), a plus-size clothes shop. Finally found one! Because there just aren’t many chubby ladies here- so no big clothes shops. So I have been googling it in english & dutch for ages trying to find somewhere to buy some plain shorts for day-to-day cycling. Obviously there’s the internet but I wanted to try some on & find out what size I am over here, it’s 52 !


Then I was heading for K’s house. it was absolutely boiling hot. Lola & I had a sandwich in a Brazilian coffee place and got a tram, there was some disturbance due to endless roadworks, so got 2 buses to K’s. Her mum-in-law is visiting, so we all went to the nearby 2nd hand shop and then Lola, K & I had a lovely good chat for hours & she gave us some dinner. We ate outside under a sun canopy thing. It was a blessed time, being connected by Holy Spirit, we were like old friends. In the late afternoon it began to pour with rain & we had some thunder & lightning. We just stayed under that sun canopy talking!

Around 2am we were awoken by thunder and lighting storm, the loudest and longest I have ever known!


Also I have finished “Light from Heaven”. It was very good.  Lightning pic from pinterest.

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