#42 some adventures

Hello, I made baked tilapia (a fish) and banana bread today. quite proud as I didn’t have a scale or measuring devices, so I guessed amounts. the fish got good reviews, and the banana bread was amazingly moist & delicious! both recipes off allrecipes.co.uk

In the evening I showed Lola how to budget -inasmuch as I know. I told her if she watched a youtube video about budgeting for 5 minutes, she’d know more than I.  Especially this whole thing about balancing, it makes no sense to my numerically-challenged mind!

Tuesday. I took the girls to Hoofddorp to look at the big shopping centre there. Once we’ve moved it will be the closest one.  We had lunch in Zoet & Zalig, “sweet & savoury” which was really good food. Although we were outside & it threatened to rain on us, and there would have been nowhere to hide as the inside of the cafe was absolutely full.

We went by tram and then sprinter train, which was an adventure in itself as I clearly haven’t understood something about my new Personal OV-chipkaart, (the travel pass). On the advice of a native, I ended up running through the train-station barriers, pictured, sneaking in behind a stranger! terrifying.


Even though I had £30 on my travelcard, i couldn’t get through and there wasn’t a member of staff anywhere to ask. for the way back I ended up buying a paper ticket as it was a bit unsettling!   So at Hoofddorp the girls got a train to town and I got a train to Diemen-Zuid to visit G from church. I have never been to that part of town before, It’s quite a way away. We had a very fun afternoon, speaking in dutch, we chatted about quite a lot of subjects, she served some persian snacks which were delicious & turned out to be dried white raspberries ( I had no idea what they might be!). I got quite tired as I’ve been on the go since waking at 5.30am. As I left, I almost went home in her house-shoes that i’d been wearing!


A random church at South Diemen.


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