#43 a quiet day in.

Oh hello there, I made these latkes from this packet today. They were absolutely delish. just like oniony hash browns.

Also i found this note Fred had written about the two days out this week – Rijksmuseum today and Zoo Friday.  After school they didn’t have much to say about the Rijksmuseum, but they had been set free at the end, with no idea how to get home, which I am all for at their age. They worked it out!


Back to school on 4th sept.

I stayed in all morning waiting for my groceries delivery, and I cleaned up quite a bit in the kitchen. in between watching Flylady Diane on youtube and a bit of crochet.


I had a phone call with the ladies at Mundus about my boys’ progress. They have to make decisions about what schools the boys will go to. Jojo very straightforward, he is heading to DENISE: De Niewe Internationale School Esprit. website:  http://denise.espritscholen.nl/home/ which I understand is a very good school. Study is done in Dutch,  but there may even be a chance for him to do the 16-18 international baccalaureate there in english. The other good news is that they said exactly the same for Fred – his work, behaviour, effort, social mixing have all been very good. They would put him forward for Denise too. I was very happy about this & told him about it. I would love to give him a chance to prove himself at Denise, but I had to tell the teachers about the tears, begging not to go to school anymore, how he keeps it all inside until he gets home, all typical stuff if you know aspergers. So we will have to pray & decide together. He is welcome to remain at Mundus too, which can lead to an academic or a vocational education.

Lee has signed our rental lease today, and it appears we will be moving on Monday 31 July as he isn’t able to get 1st August off work.


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