#46 Bovenkerkerpolder

Hello, today I cycled from our flat to Uithoorn, which is about 12km. after half an hour cycling south through Amstelveen I got to the country:


The lovely Bovenkerkerpolder, which is straight, 4km of road just for bikes (& tractors). It was heavenly. Just farms each side, but you can see the flats of Uithoorn in the distance.


I asked in the library about dutch courses. There is one, and they gave me a phone number for info .  Lola took public transport & we met at Uithoorn bus station. We had lunch in Amstelplein shopping centre & walked along the Amstel a bit. there were a few teens enjoying the water, swimming & sunbathing. It’s idyllic.


We walked around in the industrial bit to find the 2nd hand shop. We passed loads of used car shops, saw lots of fun old 80’s jeeps, wood-panelled station wagons & such! Then got to Ceres, which is a large 2nd-hand-shop with clothes, bricabrac, books & larger furniture.

As for moving house, currently it is 10am on Monday 31st of July that we have to do a walk-through inspection with someone from the Relocation Service and the estate agent representing the owner, then the place is ours! A week later, on Tuesday 8th Aug, our home furniture will arrive. The house is fully furnished anyway, so we imagine we won’t really want most of our stuff when it gets here!


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