#47 travel & weather report!

The next Day Ruby & I went to Uithoorn. It was absolutely boiling again. We went & paid for her 2nd hand bike,  and then it clouded over & threatened thunder. So we locked up and had an ice cream in the Esplanade Ijssalon. They have about 30 flavours of ice cream & also look at the adorable tiny building next door, it’s an estate agents.


Also my red bush tea bag came in it’s own weensy cardboard box! what?

Then we cycled from the river to Amstelveen. Ruby hasn’t cycled much in years, so wasn’t feeling very confident. But it is just so safe and clear where to cycle. There are mainly completely separate cycle roads, at the side of main roads. But even if you have to cycle on a carriageway, the bike bit is very clear & drivers are much more careful & patient.

So she did really well. When we got to the 2 big roundabouts for the N521 road, the cycle path simply goes underneath & avoids it all. So we had a good experience.


It was rather hot, so we parked up as soon as we came to a Metro station, Sportlaan. And got the tram home. We weren’t sunburned at all but we were both scarlet in the head from the heat & exercise! It’s also great being able to just lock up in any bike park & know the bikes will be waiting for us when we want to pick them up.

Thursday Lola & I went to Gelderlandplein. We were in shorts & t-shirt as it’s so hot and sunny. As soon as we got inside Grizzl Burger (really!) the heavens opened and there was a really sustained, thorough downpour. We stayed in there for the duration. Inside it’s themed like a treehouse and the food is really good local ingredients, vegan options etc.


A few minutes later the ground was baked dry again.


Map: aqua line is the N521 from Amstelveen to Uithoorn. yellow line is the Bovenkerkerpolder where I cycled the other day. thin red arrow points down at Buitenhof, the new house. we currently live way up north of this map in Buitenveldert.

buitenhof means outer courtyard/garden  and buitenveldert outside fields. Approximately.

So that’s the weather and travel where we are. Good day!

All pics nicked off the internet.

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