#48 Haarlem

The girls & I went to Haarlem, the bit between Sloterdijk & Haarlem was on an intercity train – we sat upstairs.

It was nice & pretty much like Amsterdam, except with a million times less people!

This is Corrie Ten Boom’s house. We didn’t go in as the kids are not overly familiar with Corrie’s story. I really want to enjoy it on my own or with someone who loves Corrie!

Then we went in the Teylers Museum.

These elephant skulls are massive. When they were discovered, the finders assumed the central hole was for a single eye! hence the illustration right.

It’s a steampunk dream! I was quite bored but the girls were a bit more into it. Also top marks for having zero mannequins!


Before electricity was common, they put some simple electrics in these toys and then paraded around as magicians apparently!

there was also lots of good paintings and drawings from the Golden Age.

Left, someone whizzing a bed up to the 2nd floor window on some kind of ladder lift.

Adriaan’s Mill. The closest we’ve come to a windmill so far. It’s very pretty & set bizarrely high, but in a great position on the river Spaarne.

I saw this domed building so we went for a closer look – it’s a prison!

Oh yes, also we went in this fab vintage shop.




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