#49 De Pijp / Corrie

Saturday. Lee & I enjoyed an egg-based breakfast at Omelegg in hipster area De Pijp. Then we had a fabulous coffee, walked around enjoying the hip shops & sights including Sarphati Park.

Lee would never let the language barrier get in the way of helping someone! He helped this lady carry a cupboard down the street.


Then we had a fancy cuppa in Anna’s SpecialTeas. I had Japanese toasted rice tea. Delicious!

We stumbled upon the famous Albert Cuyp streetmarket. It was really good. Fabulous fruity smells from huge colourful fruit ‘n’veg stalls, there was a wide range of things and prices. bikes, hats, sari fabrics, fresh fish (urgh), hippy clothes…lots of dutch street food. Really worth a visit.

Please pray for us for protection, encouragement & strength,  especially Lola,  as we are here with a spiritual agenda and someone doesn’t like it.

We had a brilliant sermon about the Holy Spirit. I know I’ve only been there 8 weeks, but to me, the church seems to have a lot of people who need to be enabled or ‘activated’ into working with the Holy Spirit. Pray for this! I’m excited & impatient to see the restraint lifted from this ethnically diverse group of christians. God has a wonderful time in store for them!

Then Monday Lola & I went to Omelegg too as I would like her to apply for a job in there. Please pray for the barriers to employment to be removed – there are loads of jobs available and language is really not a problem – loads of international people here don’t speak a word of dutch and have jobs in all walks of life.

We enjoyed some vintage clothes shops & a nice walk through some unexplored areas of Amsterdam.


This me and my friend K from Waterland church. We are outside Corrie Ten Boom’s House. We went there today with Lola & K’s mum in law. It is amazing! Well worth a visit. I didn’t know we were going to get evangelised & encouraged, but that’s certainly what happened! It was very much in the spirit of Corrie’s work.

We also went to the big St Bavo’s church in the square, and to a ‘foreign’ food shop where we got excited about a chocolate orange, cathedral city cheese, mint aero & branston pickle! The south africans had other things to get excited about.

We had a lovely day out.






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