#50 A Dutch friend


On Sunday I asked J, who is a dutch young woman who translates the sermons, if she would like to meet up for coffee, and she suggested 10am today at Winkel 43, a cafe famous for it’s delicious apple tart. So we did and we had a lovely time. We did a bit of speaking Dutch, but changed to English when we were telling some in-depth stories! We got on very well.


Later Lola and I went to Uithoorn and walked up Boterdijk along the side of the meer towards Amstelplein. It was so still and peaceful!


Also today I paid our deposit and first months’ rent, adding up to 3200 euros! so from now on I really am living on a tight budget! Like my friend K pictured yesterday, we are depending on the Lord to stretch our wallets in this very different economy! 🆗 👑 👌 ‼️  🌈


I’ve been watching a little (Flylady) Diane Denmark on Youtube each morning to enthuse me to my housework & decluttering and I could almost ask the delivery people to take all our possessions and furniture straight from the storage facility to a 2nd hand shop! I cannot imagine how big it is (we didn’t pack it, remember) and how we could possibly need any of it! *except Lee’s birth certificate, which I’m praying will turn up in there somewhere!

We are in a furnished flat here and moving into a fully furnished house on Monday.  Clearly all we need is our clothes, bible, bus pass & a crochet hook, right?



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