#51 a lovely (rainy) cycle

Well, some days are quite dull, I do some housework, tire myself out urging people to help me, have a nap, and then cook dinner. Today was like that. I don’t find it very interesting, but those are the days Lee comes home to a tidy place & a homecooked meal, so it’s worth it! Last night about 10pm Lola & I went for a quick cycle about Amstelveen in the dark, yes our bikes have lights!

Tonight after tea it was about 8pm and I was tired/bored, the answer to this mood is usually bed.  but instead Lola & I went for another cycle.

It was cool and grey and rather wet & windy, & we ended up having a lovely 10 mile ride down the Amstel. It’s just so beautiful there.



I feel so alive and free when I’ve been cycling among the green & the water. It’s the best medicine! I do intend to cycle somewhere gorgeous every day that I can. which reminds me, once we’ve moved we are not getting internet for about two weeks. Oo-er, that hasn’t made us very popular with the teens! But there are lots of cafes & library with wifi available. So we shall keep in touch!


We saw 2 windmills, this is the Riekermolen & is at the bottom of Amstelpark , quite close to our flat, but I’ve never been past. There was a statue of Rembrandt too. Oh yes and two follies! There are some pretty fancy houses along that side of the Amstel and two had the most gorgeous follies.


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