#52 We are HOME!

Hello, we moved into our rental house on Monday. Hoorah!!

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it’s lovely and big and light!


it’s furnished, in typical single man style, everything’s black & white.

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i look forward to filling this yard with flowers!


Lola with our first visitor.


that’s the back of our building.


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urgh! a crayfish in the path!

hilarious central light fitting in the living room – LED colour changing! also especially lit painting . Wow.

it’s got 5 bedrooms but one is completely done out as a walk-in closet. so 4 bedrooms. there are 3 large and 1 single. it’s a bit furnished, but obvs not enough for 6 people, so I wen to the 2nd hand shop yesterday, bought 2 beds & some other bits and they delivered it all within an hour! Then we spent quite some time getting it all up two flights of  comparatively narrow windy stairs! Such fun.

It’s lovely! So peaceful, so much nature & beauty nearby. And there’s lots of room. The girls are not too pleased about having to share a room, but it’s really quite large. I hope all the other fancy stuff makes up for it! We have a quooker boiling water tap, a big oven & hob with 5 flames, icemaker & dispenser in the freezer door etc, quite a few snazzy things.

There are 2 separate loos and a bathroom with separate bath and shower. We also have two large storage cupboards as well as the walk-in closet, and a utility room upstairs. The back bedroom has a large roof terrace. it’s currently completely empty but i hope it will soon be full of flowers!

The house is a bizarre oval shape, with the terraced houses facing outwards, so our garden is actually enclosed within the building. We have a key to glass sliding doors at each end of the building, so we can cycle right up to the back yard, but we don’t need to lock our bikes up each time. Yay, cos I am cycling a lot. We also have a private sheltered parking spot. But no car! There are flats in the 2 ends of the building, i estimate there are 80 dwellings, though it’s very quiet, we’ve hardly seen anyone yet.  and there are 2 mini children’s playparks for the building.

It’s more than we hoped for and prayed for, all those months ago, when we asked God for a Housing Miracle! He really heard our cry. I get emotional every day cycling among the beautiful wildflowers, canals, along the river. It’s all so accessible !

Lee was out at some teambuilding exercise last night where he and his colleagues competed to cook asian dishes in a restaurant and then eat them all! He loved it.

We haven’t any tv or internet for a couple of weeks til its installed, which is rather annoying to my teens & a bit inconvenient for me, but I know the homebodies will be forced out to get a good look at Uithoorn! I am writing to you now from Perlo Plaza cafe & bakery.

Thanks for your care and prayers! We really appreciate everyone’s good wishes.





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