#53 getting on with it.

We haven’t got internet at the house til 17th Aug, and I haven’t had much of a chance to blog. I really enjoy it, committing the day’s business into words before I sleep. So Lee has had the week off, We went and had a wonderful morning at Aalsmeer, about 15 mins cycle away, to the same beach we went to that boiling day. But at 8am on a cool morning it was differently gorgeous! Then went into the town and found a wonderful historical garden. We loved it.

There was this windmill in the town centre.


You can see this tower peeping between the trees from about 50 yards from our front door. It also turns out we only live 5-10 mins cycle from Royal Flora Holland, the world’s biggest flower and plant Auction. So surely we’ll go there soon!

We just love a historical kitchen garden! It was super with a café, shop, loads of plants, and old tools & stuff with explanations, and even a historical auction room with a mad old electrical clock for bidding on flowers, and individual buttons for the buyers to press.

The room full of roses smelled amazing! and in such an easy accessible place, we’ll be back very soon.

We have done so much. on Tuesday, all our worldly possessions arrived from storage and we have been working to fit it all into this house that was already fully furnished! So some bedrooms have gone from sparse to full, and we have packed up all the owner’s kitchen stuff into the upstairs cupboards – thankfully there is so much cupboard space! And it is another chance to get rid of some clutter. We worked hard all day Tuesday and then on Wednesday managed to get the sitting room back to “normal”. Our old “big” sofa looks comically small in our new room . The other sofa and many other furniture items are in our large shed.

Today, Friday, we are finally Inschrijven- registered in the municipality of Uithoorn. on the third attempt! Hurrah / “Hoera” as they spell it here.

as well as trying to sort utilities & official stuff with no working phone or interenet, I have been cycling a LOT. about 3 times a day, my favourite is at dusk, I usually cycle for an hour or two. It’s fabulous, peaceful, loads of pretty stuff & wildlife around. This morning we came out of the carpark doors and there was a pheasant right there. Within a few minutes cycle are sheep, goats, cows, swans, geese, cormorants, herons, crayfish (!) and more.

We have been to De Kwakel which has a fort from WW1, and some gorgeous decorative homes, and cycled all around our area. The kids can get a bit bored as there’s no TV or internet, and they can only play certain limited PS4 games without the web. But i’m busy. It can be a bit lonely obviously, I have made a couple of lovely friends but they already had full lives & don’t live close enough to just drop in. However my neighbour from 2 doors down knocked and introduced herself, and I am going for a coffee next week when she’s on holiday. Everyone in Buitenhof seems to be at work/school/nursery all day and of course some are away on holiday. it’s early yet.

Well we have seen lots of beautiful stuff and I can feel it making me healthier by the day. I’m very glad we’re here! x








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