#54 cycling to Mijdrecht

Hi, we finally have wifi at home so I can blog!

Today Lee & I cycled to Mijdrecht, about 8km away. First of all this guy reared up at us on the way to the river!


Urgh!! Lee took the portrait!


On Boterdijk, a lovely road between our house & the river.


Crossing the Amstel. We had a mixture of dark clouds, light rain & brilliant sunshine…. Once over the river we were out of Noord-Holland, and in the province of Utrecht.

Then cycling through some lovely countryside to Mijdrecht.


It’s just a village with a shopping centre, not much to see there, but it was a cycling destination and we had a coffee or two.

Last night Lee & I had our dinner at Family Eethuis (Eating house) which is a friendly place 5 mins cycle from home. Because it’s clear that having Saturday breakfast out isn’t a thing here. So we are trying to replace it with something! Family is very nice, with mainly burgers, and unlimited salad & fries. But it’s a lovely, made salad. Like all cafes here, the food is a much higher standard & healthier than we were used to at home. Lee has been working very hard in his new job and hasn’t had a chance to relax like what I have! Even between quite hard work I am feeling quite refreshed and happy because of the lovely surroundings and peaceful cycling exercise.

I have an appointment Monday in the library to see the coordinator of the free Dutch lessons there. I hope the girls can attend. They aren’t doing much at the moment, Lola has been helpful cooking and she is always up for an evening cycle. She had been getting on well with K from church and her whole family, Lola went there for an afternoon recently. She really enjoyed herself. Ruby is working hard, and doing very well, at keeping clean, which makes sharing a bedroom bearable.

I had a cuppa with the neighbour from a couple of houses down, it was interesting to see the inside of her house! And she was very friendly. She answered some questions I had about the recycling collection and stuff. I enjoyed it very much! As obviously I have been doing 1000% less chatting than in my previous life! Oh that reminds me, I had J from church to dinner last Monday when Lee was in Hamburg, she cycled 20km each way! We had a really nice time, she got on well with Lola too. It was lovely to have our first dinner guest a real Dutch person!

I have been wondering and praying about finding a church nearer to our home, I have absolutely No Idea what to do about this so I’ll stick with Waterland for the moment. It is a pleasant, loving environment but very different from Gateway and I wonder if the Lord has somewhere else in mind for us!


Also here’s a bit of crochet. There are still lots of boxes to be sorted through, which is quite boring. I need to re-organise virtually every cupboard in the house, especially the kitchen and under the stairs, (where I am keeping my paperwork) . Urgh! However as the Flylady says,


You can do anything for 15 minutes! That’s how I motivate myself to start work. We have a lot more house to keep clean/tidy these days!

Cheerio! x




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