#56 a day with friends

Hi! We had such a lovely day yesterday. Lola and I went to see K, the one from Waterland church who took us under her wing – we had been texting each other even before we moved countries! She was busy making some clogs & tulips from coloured marzipan, for a birthday cake, and Lola joined in. We feel very at home with her & her family. We had such a laugh and touched on some serious subjects too. God has certainly provided us with caring people here.

From there we went to town, I mean Amsterdam Centre. I really don’t go there very often as I hate crowds & it is full of ’em.  We ate a Dreadful pasta dinner at La Tosca – NEVER GO THERE! I wish I’d checked it out on tripadvisor!



Then to The Pathe Cinema De Munt, we met J (also from Waterland) and had some fab churros in choc sauce, strawberries & ice-cream, then we watched “Dunkirk”. I wouldn’t have chosen it, I find sea-based-peril rather stressful! But it was a good story, told really well. A good film.

A fab day spent with friends, then an hour on a tram & bus back to Uithoorn & a quick cycle back from the bus station.


This morning I had a very fun videocall with my Olivia for over an hour! (it’s free using facebook messenger) and walked all over the house, showing her everything and seeing our lovely baby Sam, who’s almost a year old already!

This afternoon I took the 4 teens to Aalsmeer on the bus to open their bank accounts.


It took over an hour in there, but it was actually rather a nice trip. We got there early, had lunch, did the bank thing, had a cake, and it was a pleasant time with minimal aggro amongst the young’uns. Hoorah!



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