#57 the seaside

Lee, Lola and I cycled to the pub last night. We went to Du Nord Brasserie, which used to be the train station.

it’s quite nice, it has grapes growing around on trellises. Also here is the finished cake of K’s. Lola made the blue clogs!


cute huh!

Today Lee and I got on 2 buses to Zandvoort aan Zee.


Funnily enough the sea looked exactly the same as it did from Southport. I haven’t missed it.


The architecture & accessories were typical of any sunshine holiday, but it had a touch of Prestatyn about it!

We just walked around the tourist town itself & had chips.

It’s near the Zandvoort circuit where they have motor racing, and lots of sand dunes. There are some nicer holiday chalet type places a little further North at Bloemendaal aan Zee.

Also I have confirmed my first UK friend visiting on 5th sept for 2 days, hurrah!


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