#58 ECG church visit

I got another job done in our legal paperwork efforts, gave in 3 “apostilled” birth certs this morning. That’s job 909 completed from about 4000, or so it seems! It’s Monday, and I like to have a look at paperwork & get a bit overwhelmed by the “to do list” on Mondays. I don’t even have a list actually, they haven’t made a piece of paper long enough! However, I did also have my quiet time in the bible, i’ve planned tea & bought the ingredients, and done lots of washing. Even opened one or two boxes from the closet, washed the contents & sorted /  folded onto shelves. So Hurrah for babysteps!


As I cycled up to the Gemeente to give in those certs I was very thankful for my new life! having a jolly sunshiny cycle for 5 or 10 mins whenever i need some shopping or something official done!


Yesterday I attended ECG (Evangelical christian fellowship) church, which is a few minutes cycle from our house. I was taken under the wing of a vivacious older lady and I very much enjoyed myself! we chatted before the service in dutch with occasional breaks into english when we weren’t understanding each other.

I felt very at home as I knew almost all the songs (albeit in a different language) and was very happy to sing along the dutch words to How Great Thou Art, In Christ Alone, The Lord’s My Shepherd etc.  They were all singing as if they meant it & I felt very comfortable/free amongst a sprinkling of raised hands during worship. We also sang “Surely Goodness & Mercy  shall follow me” which I haven’t sung in many years, and then we/they sang it also in English, much to my surprise. I shed a little tear as I felt so spoilt & personally attended to by Almighty God!

I got the gist of the notices & obviously I could read the bible reference, but I didn’t catch much of the sermon. Does it really matter? It was in Joshua 7, small army, Israel’s sin & consecration. I could catch that he was referencing one death & one sacrifice & forgiveness once & for all.  interestingly quite a few people made notes in the sermon. Usually wherever I attend, it’s only me making notes!

Over coffee afterwards, my lovely lady said they have never sung in English before, to her knowledge! she gave me her phone number.

I liked it and I have asked the kids if they want to come & check it out next week.


I liked it here & I liked it at Waterland, they are so different you can’t compare . I am listening for the Lord’s guidance and I have no doubt He will show me where He wants me, and I am not fretting about it in between times.


pics off their website ecguithoorn.nl . above the lectern those square pics are hebrew names of God. they also had some Israel related stuff in the room-where-we-had-coffee.

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