#59 Drs

I had my 1st Asthma Nurse checkup with Trudy.  it was very in-depth compared to a UK one, and I did quite a lot of varied breathing into a machine that measured all kinds of percentages. Although I have no trouble breathing , very rarely use my blue inhaler, she said it’s because I have got used to only using about 60% of my lungs, so we are going to look into different options. Also they use real ventolin/salbutamol here instead of whatever cheap fake stuff they fobbed me off with in UK, so hurrah! I am going to get fitter!

At the same time Lola had an appointment with Dr because I am not at all happy with her physical and mental state. The Dr took her seriously and she has gone back at 8am today to have lots of blood taken for tests.

Well-intentioned christians near & far have suggested all manner of sins they imagine the trouble is being caused by (!) which we have talked about, however although Lola is clearly under some sort of spiritual attack, I also suspect something like lupus or lyme, needs dealing with.

thankfully the temperature has dropped 10 degrees & it’s raining today, we have really had a boiling 3 months!


A rainy day is quite helpful as I tend to stay in & do a bit more housework than usual.

We haven’t decided whether to get a TV package yet, so I’ve got Netflix.

Cooking – they have a lot of these boxes in the supermarkets for about 1 euro.


It’s the herbs & spices in a packet , with a list of fresh ingredients needed and a recipe or 2 on the back. I have used the tagliatelle and chili ones this week. I bought 2 and made a parallel veggie version each time. they were quite nice.

these boxes are so prevalent in all the supermarkets that I assume they are the usual way of cooking. There is a lot smaller range of herbs & spices (unless you go to a specific foreign food shop, of which there a lot), so i suppose you don’t need many in if you are going to use these “mealtimepacks”.






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