#60 searching for Denise!

Firstly Lola’s initial bloods came back with nothing to report, except something to do with her thyroid, but the Dr said that won’t be the cause of her ailments. So she is awaiting a cancellation spot for her next appointment.


a misty morning.


I’ve done quite a bit of crochet this week.

Yesterday the boys & I did the trial school run for Denise, (an acronym for The New International School Esprit) . They start there on Thursday 7th Sept. It’s a straight 1-hour bus ride from Uithoorn Busstation on the 170 or 174. get off at Museumplein & google told us a 7-minute walk to Pieter De Hoochstraat. I was a bit worried that Fred would take a good 15 mins to complete that walk, and I would have to buy another bike for him to keep at the bus stop & just ferry himself to & fro between bus stop & school. That’s a thing here.

Thankfully not so. Although it took us about 30 minutes to find the school!! As it is just an ordinary looking front door! And it was surrounded by 3 colleges as well as German & US embassies and a Hindu Temple.


How can a school have such a small front door? I can only assume it’s quite a small school if they have all got to pass through here together at 8.30 every morning! Also I didn’t imagine this could be the place as the stickers above the door include “entrance forbidden”, a skateboarding sticker & an advert for a weed shop!! But a friendly worker in the next building assured me this is it. !


I think it’s in all these buildings. The boys will walk through a nice gardeny square to get here.


The bus stop is in a very busy place – by the Van Gogh museum, Stedelijk Museum and The Concert Building.


But we have found it & it’s a nice short walk from the bus stop, and there are many buses per hour for them to get home on.

Took em to McDonalds to soften the blow! They are not looking forward to school. Early mornings….work….you know.

I must say we know almost nothing about the school except that it’s Quite Good, and we have not had a single letter from them! On the website it says they must turn up with an iPad each ! So i will be emailing to see if we can rent some.

In the evening Lee & I had dinner at Jade restaurant in Uithoorn. It was lovely! It was all-you-can-eat, which I am no good at getting value from, but Lee is very good at it! There were about 100 things on the menu, and you choose 5 each, and there are 5 rounds! So you get a total of 25 items each if you can eat it! We only lasted 2 rounds, but it was delicious chinese food & sushi, with plenty of vegetarian options. Then we cycled home in the dark!


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