#61 Aalsmeer Fire & Light

You shall be amazed by my photoskills this blog post! Firstly, a rare family pic.


As the faces are blurred, you can imagine a  full set of happy smiles if you like!

We had a crayfish walk across our back yard.


On saturday morning Ruby & I decided to cycle to Aalsmeer. When we got there, a festival was clearly being prepared for, and a huge market was taking up 3 streets.



We dashed through it, and had poffertjes, which is my first time. They are hot, fat small pancakes with a blob of butter & a big dash of icing sugar. YUM! I had applesauce & caramel sauce on mine. She had bananas & white choc sauce. (in the right picture a man is setting up speakers on the boat)

Then we saw a poster for Aalsmeer Feest: Vuur en licht op het water. : Fire & Light on the Water. from 8-10pm. So we thought we’d go. After tea we got on the bus with a bag of drinks & biccies. We arrived about 8.30 and people were gathering, there was a disco-ey bit & a VIP tent, and some temporary Heineken bars.



Thousands of people slowly gathered as it got dark. We could see hundreds of small boats on the lake all lit up with fairy lights. They were really enjoying themselves. We were waiting for fireworks. This is my photo though!:


It really captures the excitement and spectacle of the evening! Actually we were just getting cold and impatient. There was no hot food stands at all, (The Dutch have a LOT of festivals and they are NOT interested in litter-strewn desolation the morning after.) So we had an ice-cream and our biccies. Fred and I had our ear-protectors as I have learnt my lesson about fireworks (& the cinema).

Finally at 10pm! These 2 blokes who had colourful lights on, and jetpacks , powered by jetskis came out & “performed” for a while, it was an interesting spectacle for a bit. I have googled a pic of how it works as my pic may be lacking in detail! It was so dark that it took us a while to work out what it was! Just these colourful lights coming up out of the water.



Pretty impressive, but everyone was a bit too cold & we had been waiting too long. You know I am always convinced that something really interesting is Just About To Happen, but my people wanted to go home. You could tell it would all kick off soon as the crowds were gathering in the thousands by now but I bowed to peer pressure & we started walking towards the bus stop.

Some enterprising folks whose gardens were handy had created makeshift bars which were very busy. The whole thing felt very safe & everyone was behaving very reasonably as usual!

As we waited at the bus stop, a couple of streets back from the lakefront, we got to watch the whole fireworks display at about 11pm onwards. It really was beautiful & impressive. We will certainly go again, but go much later or preferably go in a boat full of blankets & snacks!!

click here for some pics i didn’t take!


pic by Fred.

It was worth it.

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