#63 a flying visit

I’ve had my first UK friend visit! I was very, very excited to meet a loved one from home and try out our visitor facilities too! Fred moved up into Jojo’s bedroom for 3 nights and we prepped the guest quarters.

My lovely friend arrived Tuesday morning and we unloaded her precious cargo of British chocs, salt’n’vinegar crisps & gravy granules!! My friend is an excellent mum of 4, so I didn’t plan much, I wanted her to have a quiet time. So on Tuesday we just went into Uithoorn & had a lovely small walk around & lunch with my girls. On Wednesday she sorted my kitchen drawers, it’s now extremely neat and logical in there.

Then we got the bus to Aalsmeer, had a cuppa in the fancy Pavilion on the lake, and a look around. She was coerced onto a bike! You really will not understand the whole bike thing here until you try it. it is utterly different to any cycling experience you have had in UK.

The weather has turned abruptly autumnal this week, tho’ it’s still a bit warm & humid. It was quite windy at the Westeinderplassen and lots were windsurfing etc.

We also had a twilight cycle down Boterdijk to nose at all the pretty houses there.

On Thursday it was my boy’s induction at their new school, Denise. We took the bus in with them. It takes an hour but it’s quite straightforward. From there we had a day of being tourists in Amsterdam. It was so fun!

I tend not to go there much as I dislike crowds. I had forgotten about the mad busy traffic situation there! But it was a very different experience exploring with a friend rather than traipsing with my kids!

We had a lot of fun. I’m very thankful for my sweet friend & our time together.

The boy’s first morning at DENISE was just a tour and info gathering as usual. They recognised quite a few faces from Mundus College back in July, which is great. This is Jojo’s Fifth high school in 4 years by the way, poor lad! Typically of Dutch schools, I had not received a single letter even confirming that the boys would be attending, we were simply told they had to turn up at 9.30 on Thurs. A day or so before, I got an email saying they are in such & such a class, and they do not use books at all, just iPads. So we are renting an iPad each from the school. How exciting! Fred is especially thrilled as he has never found writing physically easy.


p.s. in case you’re wondering, I don’t choose which photo gets to be the header. it seems to be random!




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