#64 Treasure Hunt

Hi, on Friday the boys just had to go to a sporthall in de Pijp for a PE activity afternoon. We had to cycle in the pouring rain to get F some white-bottomed sports shoes first. So we were absolutely soaking for the 1 hour bus ride into Amsterdam. I left the boys there to fend for themselves on the way back. A classmate showed them the way back to Museumplein, where their school bus stop is. Cool!

I would have loved to put my feet up after all the walking I did in Amsterdam with my UK friend, but it was a full day of work & rain.

Saturday was a bit rubbish, people not getting on with each other very well, also the shower and bath both independently wouldn’t drain! Thankfully I was able to sort the bath but I will be asking for someone to come & look at the shower. -an advantage of renting – someone else is responsible, hurrah!

Sunday at Uithoorn ECG Church it was StartDay –   the first Sunday back after the summer holiday period. Fred went with me. There was a full itinerary of activities. First we had the normal service. It was about Naomi & reacting to tragedies & seeing what God is doing when we have “loss experiences” which i cannot think of a good english word for! Then coffees & our own brought butties for lunch, with a choice of 3 soups they served up. I barged onto (yes literally) a table and got stuck in with 2 couples & 2 blokes there, having a great laugh. Then my 3 other kids turned up with their packed lunches.  we sure do take up a lot of room!

After lunch was the bike treasure hunt. My kids didn’t want to join in, so went home for a bit. I joined a team with the people from my table. I was happy just to follow. the 2 ladies sort of took turns cycling alongside me, chatting happily away in english.


we cycled throughout some lovely countryside & had sun, though it was very windy at times. We literally cycled for hours! I was very thankful none of my kids came along! It was hard physical work and very fun. At some points we were quite a crowd of cycles , standing still in the middle of the road, taking up the whole road, trying to work out a clue. And cars would simply wait for us to disperse! Not a single car horn! So strange!


we even went on a ferry across the Amstel.


it’s 50 cents each! And we went through Nes, Vinkeveen,  Mijdrecht, and many other places. Outside Mijdrecht we all came together for a hot drink and slice of cake. Then, within sight of Uithoorn, a little lad fell off the bike and broke his arm!!! They rang the hospital and rang someone to take them. And someone else to pick up the buckled bike. Some people prayed for him. We all waited together. Then once they were in a car to hospital, we cycled on. We got back to church for a half-hour sing-in. They gave out their “Opwekking” song book which is very very similar to Mission England Praise. They sang some jolly kids songs & got the little ‘uns up on stage with tambourines & such. Then took requests from the songbook. Someone requested one in english & I cried me eyes out!

Then my kids came back for the barbecue. Look at this contraption!


There was lots of nice different foods. People were so welcoming & chatted to my kids in English. I must say I am so proud of my youngest boy today who followed my lead & got right in there with the youth. He ate his BBQ in their kids room which has table tennis, sofas etc. He works hard to overcome his natural social handicaps & he was brilliant today.

How wonderful.

After the BBQ it got cloudy so we went inside for puddings. There were prizes & some fun where some of the teams had composed a song for bonus points. They sang them!  Then the family who had been to hospital turned up with their son’s arm in a cast/sling. They got a round of applause and the little lad won a bar of chocolate.

What a super day.



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