#65 Love To Share

Oh Hello There!

On Monday I did some organising. I am following “Diane in Denmark” On youtube, she’s a nice lady who gives help & tips each day in a little video. I wrote down the 5000 jobs I need to sort. Then a few hours later i wrote down the first step I could do towards each job. that was quite interesting & helpful, as it identifies jobs you can actually get done today. it is part of a system called Getting Things Done, which goes quite well with Flylady. Obv they are both just common sense made into weensy babysteps for those of us who need it. Ruby & I tidied her room. Quite a job. I did lots of washing.

The boys went to school, thankfully they don’t start til 9.40 on Monday so we can get up at an “earthly” hour. They came home soaked but happy about their iPads in bright  turquoise foam protectors. A slight annoyance is that, as they are cycling to the bus station each day, we are left with one bike for me & the girls all day. So errands, shopping etc were all about walking & carrying – BOO!

In the evening we started watching season 3 of Fargo on Netflix. There was a lot of rain & startling thunder & lightning. Lightning seems to be a lot more frequent and intense over here.

Tuesday: Up way too early as the boys start at 8.15  –NOOO! so they had to leave at about 7am.  the girls were still asleep & I went on me bike to church to find out about “Love To Share” – yes it’s in english- from 9.30-1.30 of a Tuesday.

They have a full-on 2nd hand shop and coffebar – except everything’s free! (There is a severe lack of 2nd hand shops over here ya know.)  It was quite impressive – just one room, but all organised, with the clothes by size, and a little makeshift changing room. There were mostly muslim looking ladies ‘shopping’ there.  D showed me around & explained everything and then said “enjoy!” I picked up a card game & 2 pairs of jeans for Ruby. Turned out both were too wide in the leg, but hey, it was free! I can just bring them back.

Then I went in for a coffee. There were 2 ladies from church serving. There was free tea, coffee & cake. I sat at the bar, M introduced me a bit. Everyone seemed to know each other, or possibly not, as dutch people are quite friendly & everyone says hello and acknowledges each other’s presence a lot more here. There was a jovial atmosphere and I chatted with a few folks. A lovely elderly lady decided  she will be my dutch teacher, which was nice but obvs if you are chatting with me in Dutch, it’s all rather slow & dull  & painstaking! But a little practice every day is good. I did a bit of general eavesdropping too. Then I chatted to a nice ole bloke about satellite dishes (His choice of subject) and crimewatch for quite a while. We had quite a laugh over some of our translation issues & now I’m proud to say, “wat is jouw favoriete misdaad?” – what is your favourite crime? -which is bound to help me make friends ?! also he said there’s a piano upstairs in Aalsmeer library, you can book a time and play it. How civilised!

So then I came home very happy and tried to do a bit more on my endless list, but i procrastinated by emptying a few boxes in the walk-in closet. So now there is an empty space in the middle hall for 2 airers, and I finally mopped the kitchen floor with the specific bottle of stuff that the owner left for me.

We’re getting there! Also in emptying some boxes I found the dark green yarn i needed, and a key for my UK bike lock. Can’t have too many bike locks! So I feel quite good about the procrastination for today.

The boys just got in, it’s nice & sunny ( we sort of wondered if , having had 3 hot sunny months, it might just be grey & rainy for the entire following 9 months. ) but it has been very nice today between showers.




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